How to choose a Longboard Skateboard?


Longboarding! What a thrilling ride! I love it so much and spend my weekend by skating with my friends. It is a tonic of relaxation for me after the end of a busy week. You will find some best online longboard shop that will help you to get best quality boards. But I’ve noticed that most people can’t choose the sproper longboard especially who are the beginner or trying to learn it.

After reading this article, I hope you can understand which longboard will be suitable for you and which type of longboard you should purchase to get more fun and thrill. So, start learning how to choose a longboard skateboard through this article.

 Parts of a Longboard

A Longboard contains the parts bellow:

  1. 4 Wheels.
  2. 8 Bearings.
  3. Grip tape.
  4. A Deck.
  5. 2 Trucks.
  6. 8 Hardware.

Let know about the riding styles

Most of the longboard brands make longboards for various riding styles. There are different types of longboard skating styles. So it is better to know about the riding styles before purchasing a longboard.


This style is easy to learn and for cruising you have to gently skate around a park, footpath, street and school campus. If you are a beginner, you need to learn this skating style at first. Because it is helpful to learn the ABC of longboard skating with this style. For this riding style, you can buy a longboard at a cheap rate from the online shop. You can also check quest longboard review to get the best cruiser longboard.


This style is for fast skating on a straight or zig zag road by maintaining control. I love this style because I can feel the speed during skating. But this riding style is not so easy than other styles for beginners. Only try this skating style when you can maintain control of your body and the longboard.


But this riding style is not also so easy for beginners.

This style is for expert level skating. Freeride means that the skater is riding through the hills with an average speed by sliding and hoping. This style needs skilled board control so you must be an expert longboard skater to freeride.


It is the creative riding style of longboard skating. This style is best for beginners to increase board control. If you want to be a perfect freestyle rider, you must learn many technical and special skills like board tricks, sliding, hopping, dancing etc.

Which longboard shape should you select? 

There are 2 longboard shapes in the market. And they are.


This longboard is only for skating forward and only suitable for cruising. Because it is single directional (forward) and you can’t slide into it. You may not get perfect skating performance with this longboard.


It is a 2 directional longboard. That’s mean you can slide it from both sides. This shape is perfect for all kind of riding styles.

Which type of deck should you select?

Longboards stability mainly depends on the deck style. There are various types of deck styles available for different kinds of riding. So it is important to know that which deck style will be suitable for you.

Top mount: 

It is the most common and less expensive longboard deck. It stability is a little bit low, but its center of gravity is higher than the other decks. This deck is suitable for all kind of riding styles.

Drop Through:

Its height from ground is lower than any other decks so it provides more stability and better pushing/breaking. This style is suitable for downhill and freeride.

Drop deck: 

Its center of gravity is low but its stability and pushing/breaking ability is perfect. It is suitable for downhill and freeride.

Double Drop: 
This deck contains both Drop through and Drop Deck features and its stability, pushing/breaking ability is better than all above. But it is expensive than the others. It is suitable for all kind of riding style.

Kicktail for better skating

Make sure that the longboard contains a kick tail so that you can do quick turns, tricks to get more fun.

What size should I select?

There are 3 longboard sizes available on the market – 34” inch for young and small riders, 42” inch for all types of riding and 50” for taller riders. For downhill riding, drop-through and drop deck longboard is suitable.

Which longboard truck should I select?

There are 2 types of longboard truck available. 150 mm trucks for less than 8.5” narrow deck and 180 mm for more than 8.5” wide deck.

Which wheels should I select for my longboard?

Choose 60-65 mm wheels for 34” deck, 65-75 mm wheels for 42” deck, 75-100 mm deck for 50” desk.

Select bigger wheels for higher speed and small wheels for better acceleration.


Durometer shows the hardness or softness of the wheels and measured by “A”. Soft wheels are better for smooth riding and the hard wheels are a little bit bumpy but speedier than the soft wheels. For cruising, select 78A wheels. And select 86A wheels for the other riding style to get better performance.

The longboard totally depends on riding style. So, choose the best longboard and settings which fit best with you.

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