Oh no..!! Gas is not burning.Mamma,how will I drink my morning coffee today? These types of conversations can be frequently heard among some of the families when your coffee drink is missing from you due to the gas problem or you may be out for camping or day tripping.

Don’t get panic when you are having your French coffee press with you which is further embodied by modern techniques in its rudimentary form. The French coffee press had its origin in France and we are grateful to Italian designer Attilio Calimani for patenting the French coffee press in the year of 1929.

Going back to the history of French coffee press it has undergone several modifications of designs for several times. The French coffee press has a metal and a loosely woven cotton cloth primarily known as cheesecloth which is fitted to the rod so the users are able to press into the pot of boiling water. After the year of 1929, it still underwent some modifications of designs by Faliero Bodnanini who invented his own version in 1958 and started manufacturing it in Martin S.A, the popularity of the product spread rapidly.

In the year 1965, the popularity of French coffee press reached its height and has been aided by its use in the film- “THE IPCRESS FILE” By Michael Caine. French coffee press further started popularising throughout Europe by a British company and Bodum Company Danish tableware and kitchenware further popularised the French coffee press

French coffee press is pretty much the easiest way to make coffee without lighting up gas or stove. All you have to do is just boil the coffee in the water, let the coffee grounds settle and your delicious coffee is ready for you. The French coffee press as we now know is actually patented by Attilio Calamari, who further modified by a glass jar,a beaker like in a laboratory,a plunger with a filter on its end to press the grounds of coffee at the bottom of the device.

Going back to its history of invention, the Frenchman boiled the water, missed to add coffee in it, by a stroke of luck or blessings for us, he put the ground coffee in the jar and boiling water was poured over it the coffee started to float on the top as it was brewing, but not fit for drinking. The Frenchman fitted a screen which is used for pressing the coffee grounds in the end part of the jar. He tasted the coffee and to his surprise, the coffee tastes much better than the boiling coffee.

In this way Attilo Calimani gave birth to the French coffee press, which is the simplest way to prepare coffee without leaving coffee coarse in the mouth. French coffee press became a stroke of blessing for us in today’s world.

Ok ok, now you have gone too much tired going through this long history of French Coffee Press. Just go and bring your favorite French Coffee Press and sip your cup of luxury.

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