Accounting Salary in Malaysia – A Bluesy Guide to Your Earning Potential

Are you ready to walk the bluesy path of accounting in Malaysia? If you’re considering a career in this popular and in-demand profession, you must be curious about the earning potential. Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friends.

Accounting is a soulful journey of preparing, analyzing, and reporting financial information for various purposes. From taxation to auditing, budgeting to decision making, accountants play a vital role in the business world. You can find them working in diverse sectors like public practice, corporate, government, education, and non-profit, each with its unique bluesy flavor.

So, let’s hit the right notes and explore the question that keeps aspiring accountants up at night: “How much do accountants earn in Malaysia?” And while we’re at it, we’ll uncover the factors that sway their salaries and tips to increase your earning potential. So, grab your guitar, and let’s dive into the blues of accounting salary in Malaysia.

The Average Salary of Accountants in Malaysia: Setting the Rhythm

According to PayScale, the average salary for accountants in Malaysia is around RM 52,790 per year. On a monthly basis, this would be approximately RM 3,776¹. However, as with any bluesy melody, there’s some variation in the notes. Accountant salaries can range from as low as 2,280 MYR to as high as 7,060 MYR³. So, your earning potential might swing to different tunes.

Taking a slightly different tempo, JobStreet reports the average monthly salary for accountants in Malaysia as RM 4,800². Within this range, the lowest salaries can go down to RM 2,750, while the highest notes can reach up to RM 7,100². The beats change, and so does the salary based on states, sectors, roles, and qualifications.

Let’s break it down with some bluesy tables, revealing the average salary of accountants in Malaysia under different factors:

Average Salary by Experience Level

Experience LevelAverage Monthly Salary (RM)
Entry LevelRM 2,950
Early CareerRM 3,450
Mid CareerRM 4,250
Late CareerRM 5,250
ExperiencedRM 5,150

Source: PayScale

Average Salary by State

StateAverage Monthly Salary (RM)
Kuala LumpurRM 4,800
JohorRM 4,300
SelangorRM 3,950
SarawakRM 3,800
PenangRM 3,800
PerakRM 3,500
SabahRM 2,750
KedahRM 2,700

Source: JobStreet

Average Salary by Sector

SectorAverage Monthly Salary (RM)
Public PracticeRM 4,500
CorporateRM 4,000
GovernmentRM 3,800
EducationRM 3,500
Non-ProfitRM 3,000

Source: PayScale

Average Salary by Role

RoleAverage Monthly Salary (RM)
Financial AccountantRM 4,800
Management AccountantRM 4,500
Senior AccountantRM 4,300
General AccountantRM 3,900
Junior AccountantRM 3,000

Source: PayScale

Average Salary by Qualification

QualificationAverage Monthly Salary (RM)
ACCARM 5,000
CPARM 4,800
Bachelor’s DegreeRM 4,000
DiplomaRM 3,500

Source: PayScale

The Factors that Affect Accounting Salary in Malaysia: A Bluesy Duet

As the tables strike the chords of your curiosity, you might wonder what influences these variations in accounting salaries. Let’s sync the rhythm and explore the factors that sway the blues of accounting salary in Malaysia:

Experience: A Soulful Symphony

One of the key factors that affects accounting salary in Malaysia is experience. As you walk the path of accounting, your years of experience can make all the difference. The more seasoned you are, the higher your salary is likely to be. Experience showcases your competence, skills, and knowledge in accounting. It’s a reflection of your ability to handle complex tasks and challenging situations. Moreover, experience can earn you trust and respect from employers, clients, and colleagues, giving your salary a soulful boost.

Skills: A Harmonious Melody

Skills are another powerful factor that influences accounting salary in Malaysia. Your specific abilities and knowledge in accounting, such as financial reporting, tax compliance, auditing, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis, play a big part in your earning potential. But it doesn’t end there; soft skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership also add to the harmony. The better your skills, the more efficiently and effectively you can perform your tasks, adding value to your organization and setting you apart from the rest.

Gender: A Melancholic Tune

Unfortunately, gender also plays a role in the blues of accounting salary in Malaysia. According to PayScale, male accountants earn an average of RM 54,000 per year, while female accountants earn an average of RM 51,000 per year. This creates a gender pay gap of about 6% in accounting. The reasons for this gap may be rooted in discrimination, bias, stereotypes, career choices, family responsibilities, and more. Addressing this issue is essential for creating a more equitable and inclusive rhythm in the accounting world.

Location: The Beat of Urban Life

Location sets the beat for accounting salary in Malaysia. Where you work as an accountant, whether in urban or rural areas, influences your salary. Urban areas often have higher living expenses, greater demand for accounting services, and more career opportunities. Consequently, accountants working in urban settings tend to earn more than their rural counterparts. So, the location in which you choose to play your blues can impact your salary notes.

Sector: The Flavor of Industry

The sector in which you work adds its unique flavor to the blues of accounting salary in Malaysia. Different industries or organizations have varying sizes, scopes, natures, and profitabilities. Accountants in public practice, providing services to external clients, often enjoy higher earnings due to the challenges and rewards it offers. The sector you choose to perform in can harmonize with your salary potential.

Role: A Soulful Serenade

The specific position or function you hold as an accountant influences the melody of your salary. Roles come with varying responsibilities, duties, expectations, and outcomes. Accountants in higher or senior roles tend to earn more than those in lower or junior positions

. Senior roles grant you more authority, autonomy, and accountability, allowing your salary notes to reach new heights.

The Tips to Increase Accounting Salary in Malaysia: A Bluesy Encore

Now that we’ve grooved to the beat of accounting salary factors, let’s discover some tips to amplify your earning potential in Malaysia:

Improve Your Qualifications: Fine-Tune Your Expertise

To boost your accounting salary, invest in improving your qualifications. Academic degrees or professional certifications like ACCA, CPA, Bachelor’s Degree, or Diploma can showcase your competence and skills, meeting the standards of employers, regulators, and clients. Enhancing your qualifications opens doors to more opportunities and benefits, tuning your salary notes to a higher pitch.

Enhance Your Skills: Master Your Craft

Sharpening your accounting skills can add depth to your earning potential. Mastery in financial reporting, tax compliance, auditing, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis, along with soft skills like communication and leadership, can elevate your performance and add value to your organization. It’s the secret ingredient to stand out in the bluesy world of accounting.

Expand Your Experience: Play New Melodies

Experience speaks volumes in accounting salary negotiations. Expanding your experience by taking on new projects, tasks, roles, or even venturing into different sectors or locations enriches your profile. The more experience you gather, the more competent and confident you become, setting the stage for higher earning potential.

Negotiate Your Salary: Strike the Right Chords

Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary; it’s a vital part of the blues. Research, prepare a proposal, be confident, respectful, flexible, and realistic. A well-crafted negotiation can strike the right chords with your employer or client, leading to a more harmonious and satisfactory arrangement.

Seek Opportunities: Play the Right Venues

Opportunities are the stages where you showcase your talent. Seek out new or better options for your accounting career. Update your resume, create a portfolio, network with people, apply for jobs, or even consider starting your own business. The right opportunity can set the tone for increased income and rewards.

The Conclusion: A Harmonious Melody

Accounting in Malaysia is a rewarding and challenging journey, offering countless benefits like income, growth, and development. As you’ve seen, accounting salary in Malaysia varies based on experience, skills, gender, location, sector, and role. While these factors may sway your earnings, don’t forget that you have control over your destiny.

To increase your accounting salary in Malaysia, fine-tune your qualifications, master your skills, explore new experiences, negotiate with confidence, and embrace opportunities. The blues of accounting salary will surely sing a harmonious melody for you.

We hope this comprehensive bluesy guide has struck the right chords, answering your questions about accounting salary in Malaysia. If you have any queries or wish to share your thoughts, feel free to reach out. As you embark on your accounting journey, may your tunes be rich, soulful, and ever prosperous.


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